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Est. 2016 by Nathalie Graef

Natty offers custom crochet dreadlocks for any hair type with a one of a kind experience and unsurpassed service. Natty provides her service out of her home in Rockford, MI, but also enjoys dreading out in the scenic beauty of Michigan’s outdoors in its warm seasons.  With clients all over Michigan, and abroad, Natty (and trusty sidekick Junior) can often accommodate certain traveling arrangements via in-home appointments with our free online consultation! It is Natty’s personal mission to make sure that each of her clients look and feel their absolute best when they’re out enjoying each and every single day.

Services include:

  • Free Online Consultation

  • Installing new Dreadlocks via back combing and crocheting (Works for any hair-type!!) (Blunted/Wispy Dread tips!!!)

  • Maintaining existing Dreadlocks 

  • Partial Dreadlocking and Maintenance

  • Custom Dreadlock 100% Human Hair Extensions

  • Dreadlock “Reconstruction” (Splitting, Combining, and Re-Sectioning of Dreadlocks)

  • Professional Dreadlock Removal

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